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The feeling -- putting faces to names -- is mutual. Wonderful to meet so many.

Conference organizer Jon Dube, making opening remarks, is right now referring to wireless access at the conference, and this participants' Web log. And in our own little echo chamber it now ends up on the Web log via wireless access in the room.

Dorian Benkoil

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Nice to put a name to a face

Jeff Jarvis, Sheila Lennon, Dorian Benkoil, Jonathan Dube... too many people to name. I've "met" them all through e-mail. Some I've known for years. Finally, I get a chance to meet them face-to-face. (Jeff Jarvis is really tall.) The conference is about to begin. As conferences go, this one has pretty good swag. Everyone gets a cool black T-shirt (Mine will undoubtedly end up on the floor of my 14-year-old's closet.) Yahoo is handing out free... FREE! little clocks. Very nice. More later...

Ken Sands
Spokane Spokesman-Review

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Reuters @ the ONA Conf


I'd love to spend some time with clients (current, former, possible future) to get some feedback on how Reuters is doing in your news mix. There doesn't seem to be an attendee list so while I try to find you please try and find me if you want to complain (or, heaven forbid, sing our praises).

I'll see mail sent to in real-time and I'm also reachable on 202 415 0462.


[John C. Abell, Editor, Multimedia Production, the Americas

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Welcome to the ONA conference Participants' Blog

Welcome to the 4th annual Online News Association Conference!

Since this is a gathering of online journalists, we wanted to make the conference as interactive as possible. So in addition to having discussions at the end of every panel, we're trying something new this year.

We're setting up this Participants' Blog for everyone attending the conference. The idea is to help everyone share the insights we each have over the course of the conference with not just a few others, but with everyone.

We're inviting attendees to type up a few thoughts after they think of new ideas during panels or have interesting debates during the breaks.

I hope this helps create an interesting dialogue about the future of online journalism.

-- Jonathan Dube
Conference Chair

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This is a group weblog for discussing topics from the 2003 Online News Association conference. Since this is a gathering of online journalists, ONA wanted to make the conference as interactive as possible. So we invited participants to share their insights in this weblog.

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